Creating Safer and Efficient Traffic Stops

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"This is a great idea! I am purchasing several for my nieces, nephews, and all of my bonus sons and daughters."

- Tina Knowles

"This is an innovative and safe way that drivers can keep their hands visible and insight at all times, to prevent any confusions during traffic stops."

Mayor of New Orleans - Latoya Cantrell

"Thank you for this ingenuity!"

- Holly Robinson Peete

What is the safety pouch?


The Safety Pouch organizes and presents vehicle credentials facilitating a safer and more efficient traffic stop.


The Safety Pouch was developed to prevent active reaching in front of law enforcement during traffic stops. It is a great tool for keeping your documents organized and allows social distancing!

Why is it needed?

In numerous studies, It has been found that traffic stops are one of the most dangerous situations for civilians and law enforcement to be in.

Why orange?

The Safety Pouch only features one color which is fluorescent orange. This color was selected because of its high visibility. To ensure it won't be mistaken for a weapon.


The Three e's

- Easy to use

- Easy to see

- Easy to store

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Meet our founder

David Price first conceptualized the idea for The Safety Pouch at age 16 after having "The Talk," a conversation on handling police interactions during traffic stops with his parents. David knew he needed to create a product to facilitate safer traffic stops for drivers and police officers. David officially brought The Safety Pouch to market in 2020, and he has been on a mission since to create equitable traffic stop interactions for everyone.

Safety Pouch User Car Decal

Every Safety Pouch comes with a car decal that says Safety Pouch User. The car decal is to be attached to your rear windshield. The car decal purpose is to alert officers as soon as you are pulled over that you are equipped with a Safety Pouch.

How to use the safety pouch